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Business Gifts and Promotion Items

The value of a carefully chosen gift is high! The receiver will remember the gift and the company who gave it. That is the power of the promotional gift. Compared to other media, a promotional product is much more capable of building a relationship between the giver and receiver. Research has revealed that over 70% of a targeted group not only appreciates the promotional product, but also uses it on a regular basis!

XICHUANG GIFTS is very excited to present to you our new catalogue of 2016. Our collection is as always selected with greatest attention and deepest care, offering you a wide range of high value gifts to your clients, your friends, your employees and people you love.

The collection in this catalogue meets all the quality requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certifications. This is becoming more and more relevant in an industry where sustainability is growing in importance. The collection in this catalogue also distinguishes itself through a combination of design and functionality. They are products with a high attention value and that have something extra to offer, they help turning targets into result. In short: products that carry out your message the right way.

If you are interested and like to find out more about it, just please check with our account representative to assistant you, thank you!