Every year in June and July, many people ask us about the diary and notebook printing, and also ask the possibility as partners. We are so much appreciated these friends to email us, to call us, to skype us and whatsapp us, thanks. But still, we would like to introduce you something about our business model and how to partnership with us. Please keep reading.

One of our Call2Print core business is Diary & Notebook Printing, and 100% of our productions are custom made (custom printed), which means we don’t sell and we don’t have stock. Clients need send us the artwork, the design or we help to make the design and choose different models. So, when you are reading this and please don’t just ask us how much would be cost for 1000 pieces, we cannot quote in the air.

We know many people who ask us for a quote are not in the printing field, which we make a simple list for the Diary Printing to help you to understand and help us to make correct quote.

As we said, 100% of these diaries are custom printed, but not means we cannot make a quick quote. Call2Print classify the productions in 5 basic categories:

  • C+0: Custom Made Cover only;
  • C+1: Custom Made Cover and 1 Design inner pages (put your logo, address, website, etc. on each page, but just 1 design only);
  • C+8+1: Custom Made Cover, 1 Design inner pages and Colorful Company Pages as the first part. (Normally our clients will insert 8 pages company introduction, their services introduction, productions.);
  • C+C: Custom Made Cover and Week-to-Week (Day-to-Day) inner page design. (As you can see, each of the inner pages are different information, so that the MOQ we will start from 5,000 copies);
  • OEM: 100% Pure Custom Print means clients need custom made cover, custom page-to-page design, will have color pages and tool pages, every page is different.

The feature of these models above, we also make a list here as below:

  • C+0 Model: order quantity we can start from 100 pieces and we will offer you about 50-100 different diary styles. Just the inner page design, client will use ours in stock.
  • C+1 Model: this model we can start from 500 pieces and client choose one of the models we offer, custom made the Logo on PU leather.
  • C+8+1 Model: this model we ask for 1,000 copies as MOQ, and the colorful pages will make the company more professional, 60% of our clients use this type.
  • C+C Model: from 1-3 models we call them notebooks, this model we can say it as diary, because you can see the date on page. Considering the printing technology and clients budget, we can start from 5,000 copies.
  • OEM Model: yes, do whatever design you make, we follow it.

Now, you can see that we make a quote is not a simple question, other than that, we also need you to tell us which size you prefer and diary/notebook style, etc. in details.

Well, thank you to visit us and looking forward to hearing from you soon. For any question you may have, just let us know.