How to find a direct printing factory for your Diary and Notebook?

After my research on Google, 80% of the companies online are not manufacture but trading office...

Why I say so? Because the reality is true and I just do the research 30 minutes ago before I write this artile. I can not say the trading companies offer bad quality or bad service, but for the price part, the manufacture 100% has the advantage because they make the diaires, the notebooks by their own. They can control almost everything and totally custom made. Just, I have to admit that many factories they don't have international business capacity, they don't speak or write English or other languages, they don't have oversea office, they don't have international trading department, what they have is just a professional factory, they can make productions great. What why I always said, Call2Print has advantage which is we are the English speaking printing factory, we are the family own and run business, we know how to print, we know how to help our clients to get their works done with much fair price and we know how to help them ship back to their own countries with reasonable price.

So, if you read this page and want to make your own Diary and Notebook, my team is ready for you. Contact us via email: or make a direct call: +86 13512127905, we will reply in 4 hours.

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