Limited Time Offer: COSCO Fast Boat to USA Just 18 Days

Save Money and Time with Call2Print's Limited Time Offer for Direct Shipments to Your Doorstep Through COSCO Fast Boat and FedEx

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In a recent development, COSCO Fast Boat announced that they offer the best shipping rates for deliveries from China to the USA. This news comes as a great relief for businesses looking to import goods from China to the United States.


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The COSCO Fast Boat is a renowned shipping service provider that has established a reputation for timely and efficient deliveries. Their announcement of the best shipment rates is sure to attract a lot of attention from businesses looking to import goods.


One such business that is poised to benefit from this news is Call2Print. Call2Print is a professional printing service provider that specializes in printing books and comics. We are working with COSCO and FedEx to handle shipments directly to our customers' front doors, starting from 500 copies of books.

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This is a great opportunity for businesses to print your books with Call2Print and get them shipped to your doorstep at an unbeatable cost. The offer from COSCO Fast Boat is only available for a limited time, so interested businesses are urged to contact the Call2Print sales team as soon as possible.


"We are excited to offer our customers the best shipping rates from Shanghai to the USA through COSCO Fast Boat," said a spokesperson from Call2Print group. "This is a great opportunity for businesses to save money on their imports and get their books printed with us. We look forward to hearing from our customers and helping them take advantage of this offer."


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Contact Call2Print now to take advantage of this limited-time offer.