UNICEF Choose Us for Printing as a Reason

UNICEF And Donors Like You Are Helping Mothers Give Their Babies

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17 years ago, when the UNICEF office contacted us, we did not understand why they found us and what we can do for them, because we are just a printing company in Shanghai. Later, when we meet, we knew the reason and very honored to participate in this project for all the children over the world.

In 2008, one of my best friends launched some charity activities in West Africa and invited me to join and help the orphans during the civil war. It’s my first time landing in Africa and find many things are quite different with China and other western countries, and during these 2 weeks, we met many friends with different background from France, USA, Germany, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Spain and Hong Kong, South Africa and some local guys. Everyone bring/ship many cargoes from own country like medicine, toys, clothes, food, water and more, I shipped children books and mosquito nets under our company name. We all people had great time with these children, they liked us and we felt the same.

Here are some photos about this travelling:


And now, UNICEF find us as their printing vendor to offer children books printing with different language and ship global.

Here are some books we printed:


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