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    The paper you better to know before you order with a printer

    White Core Paper

    The paper is coated evenly on both sides, compared to all playing cards, the printing color of this paper is the best, and the straightness of the playing cards produced is also very good. Most of the export pokers and game cards are using it, cost-effective. In addition, this paper is slightly translucent and is not recommended for casino cards.


    300gsm and 350gsm weight is most popular for game cards.

    Blue Core Paper (Germany)

    This Imported Paper is basically the same as the 270gsm of Chinese Blue Core Paper, but the price is at least 0.06USD higher, which is not widely accepted but depends.


    We only print on 270gsm imported paper for poker and game cards.

    Disheartened Paper

    Very common paper, relatively inexpensive, accepted by most people, generally used for domestic AD game cards and AD pokers.


    270gsm and 280gsm weight is most popular for game cards.

    Black Core Paper

    Good stiffness, good toughness, bending resistance, anti-sheer, can make 56 poker cards, generally used as professional casino cards. Some internationally renowned large enterprises generally use this material to match their brand.


    We only print on 310~330gsm imported paper for poker and game cards.

    PVC Waterproof Plastic

    PVC material has waterproof, durable performance, not easy to break, a relatively common material on the market, can be used for collection, but we don't make too much, not Green.

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