• SEGPRO Light Box

    Different materials ( PVC / aluminum) and width (120mm/85mm/60mm) of the extrusions , make a wider range choice for the light boxes to be floor standing , wall mounted, ceiling hanging and dynamic,both double sided or single sided available.


    01 - Patented Snap Button Design


    02 - Curved Light Box is Available


    03 - Branded Lighting


    Floor Standing Lightbox


    SEGPro 120mm PVC/aluminum lightbox is constructed by strong & fire-proof PVC/aluminum profiles, and SEG graphics. With the patented snap pin structure, customers can easily assemble & disassemble the frame within 5 minutes. They can be widely used for trade shows, exhibitions, commercial activities, conferences, weddings, backdrops, and other events.

    Wall Mounted Lightbox


    The 85mm aluminum SEGPro lightbox provides the ultimate in high definition illuminated display graphics for wall mounted, that can be more attractive than the traditional SEG fabric frame. Our SEG Frame and Fabric technology combined with high-powered LED lighting components provide a superb color consistency that extends beyond the frame from edge-to-edge for an immersive viewing experience. Combine different sizes together to create your own display environment.

    Ceiling Hanging Lightbox


    The 60mm aluminum SEGPro lightbox provides the ultimate in high definition illuminated display graphics for ceiling hanging purpose. The SEG frame and fabric combined with high-powered LED lighting to provide a better display at the places you want. It is a brilliant ceiling hanging light boxes with different sizes to use in different situations.

    Dynamic Lightbox


    SEGPro LED dynamic lightbox is a totally TOOL FREE assemble design. It is tension fabric light box that feature frames made of 85mm aluminum material that works with silicon edge graphics (SEG), also called push fit fabric graphics. Dynamic light source effect, personalized animation design, energy conservation and environmental protection make it more attractive.



    To be modular function is one of the main advantages of the SEGPRO light boxes . they can be used for 3*3m , 3*6m , 6*6m booths, as well as some other customized sizes . Those booths will be quite attractive while using in shopping malls , exhibition halls , chain stores , metro stations, etc . The simple assembling and small packing also can help users to save labor cost and transportation , that will help our agents sell the SEGPRO much easier than other products.

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