Waterproof, Tear Resistant, Made From Stone, Like Regular Paper… But Saving Lots of Trees

Eco-friendly promotional products to your taste

We all know that “you can’t get blood from a stone”, but do you know that we can get paper from the stone? Of course now and no kidding. Not just any ordinary paper, but eco friendly, waterproof, fire resistant, tear resistant, grease resistant paper.

Contrary to its name, the stone paper is soft and subtle, with a clean, attractive, natural white color. The stone paper is made from a blend of mineral powder and a small amount of non-toxic, recyclable resin bonding agent (high density polyethylene).

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The use of paper made from minerals is expanding by leaps and bounds as more consumers and corporations become aware of its existence. As people and governments become more and more aware of and concerned about threats to the environment, consumers and manufacturers alike are focusing on eco-friendly products and packaging.

An environmentally friendly, fully recyclable, photodegradable product with no apparent downside whose uses are limited only by the imagination, durable, versatile stone paper is an idea whose time has truly come.

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Just one more thing, not every printer has the technology to use & control the stone paper process in production, Call2Print cooperated with our partners to develop the best solution for the stone paper printing layout, one of our printing stations adjusted and updated just for the stone paper printing.

If you are interested to know more about our stone paper book printing? Please contact me directly: apollo.xiaobo@gmail.com. And if your book is about Earth, Planet, Green and Environment, this is the best interpretation.

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