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More elegant for the appearance, high quality end version, easy carry and setup, cost less

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If you are the owner or manager of a small and middle-market firms, have you ever met the issue or may say, you must feel a little bit fretted when you had a coming event or exhibiton. Here I pick 4 points that you must feel the same:

We have no idea about the booth design or setup.

No, like most of the companies, they don't know how to design or setup by their own because like I said, they are small or middle size companies or even just start the business, they have limited budget to hire a professional  services or even no design department in the office.

Uncomfortable about the booth painting smell.

No matter the builder use the ECO friendly painting or other materails, all the wooden construction with painting, always there is a smell on the booth, and you have stay with it in the next 3 days no matter like or not.

Not happy with the design.

Acutally many people/clients are OK with the design on screen before they see the booth on the ground, but what is that it is, all done, there is no way to change anything big.

One time use, waste money.

This is the big problem, flash your memory, have you ever see any company take the booth back to the office/warehouse? The whole fancy booth stands there just for 3-4 days and then dump truck will lead them to the "new home". No, that's not good for business owner.

Any solution for the matters above?

Let's take a look the pictures below, what you think? Do you like it? Will you buy one or two for your organization?

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That is the Tube Banner System for Trade Show Booth System, nice looking, easy to disassemble and install, easy to carry, easy to change the image and move to any place in the room. It's suitable for all indoor advertising and there are many model to choose. And most important is that these display systems are not expensive and most of them can setup by 1 or 2 person without any skills.

Like more? But today I am not going to introduce you the Fast Modular Display System, I want to show you something that not every display factory or exhibiton company can manufacture or produce professional and cost effective way.

*** SEG Display / Light Box Stand and Booth ***

Stretch tension fabric SEG frames with silicone-edged graphics keep images tight free, smooth to the edges and make your Event and Trade Show more simple. Just push the silicone edge into the display frame groove and the new image is securely stretched in place. Display frames can be wall mounted, hanging or free stranding on the ground. Single Side or Double Sided, One Pack or Combination Sytem or even custom made, we all accept. 

... Enjoy the watching...

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