Call2Print: A Lifesaver in Shanghai's Printing Dilemma

Crisis Averted: Call2Print's Swift and English-Speaking Printing Solutions Save the Day in Shanghai's Business Expo

· Case Study

In the heart of bustling Shanghai, where business opportunities abound and international events are a common occurrence, time is often of the essence. For one particular business traveler, Sarah, the need for reliable and swift printing services became abundantly clear during a crucial business expo.

Sarah had traveled all the way from the United States to attend an important trade show in Shanghai. As the owner of a thriving marketing firm, she knew that the success of her company hinged on making a stellar impression at this event. Everything was meticulously planned, from the presentations to the promotional materials. However, just one day before the expo, disaster struck.

In the whirlwind of preparations, Sarah discovered that her business cards and brochures had been delayed by the express company to her hotel and she only had few copies in the suitcase. Panic set in as she realized the crucial marketing materials would not come before the show. The clock was ticking, and she needed a solution – fast.

There was just one challenge: Sarah didn't speak Chinese, and navigating the local market for printing services seemed like an insurmountable task. The language barrier loomed large, and time was slipping through her fingers.

That's when Sarah's colleague, Mark, who had previous experience doing business in Shanghai, came to the rescue. He had heard of Call2Print, a renowned printing company in the city known for its reliability and English-friendly service. Without wasting a moment, he contacted Mr. Apollo Wang, the VP of Call2Print, explaining the dire situation.

The response from Call2Print was immediate and reassuring. Sarah and Mark were put in touch with a friendly English-speaking representative who understood their urgent needs. They explained their requirements, including the type of materials, quantity, and the incredibly tight timeline.

Call2Print's team swung into action. Despite the late hour and the urgency of the request, the team assured Sarah and Mark that they could meet their needs. They quickly processed the order for business cards, brochures, roller banners and even suggested a design touch-up to make the materials stand out at the expo.

What followed was nothing short of remarkable. Call2Print's state-of-the-art printing technology came to life, producing high-quality business cards and brochures with vibrant colors and crisp designs. The team worked tirelessly through the night to ensure that everything was ready for pickup early the next morning.

When Sarah and Mark arrived at Call2Print's facility, they were greeted with a warm welcome and a sight that brought immense relief. Their freshly printed materials were neatly stacked, ready to make a powerful statement at the trade show. And the most nice part was, Call2Print’s driver took them with the materials to the exhibition center directly, how wonderful.

With Call2Print's unwavering support, Sarah not only made it to her business expo but also left a lasting impression on potential clients and partners. She realized that even in a foreign land, language barriers could be overcome, and urgent printing needs could be met with professionalism and dedication.


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The story of Sarah and Mark serves as a testament to the invaluable role that Call2Print plays in the lives of business travelers and entrepreneurs in Shanghai. In times of urgent printing dilemmas, Call2Print is the lifeline, offering comprehensive support with a personal touch. It's a story of how a seemingly impossible situation was turned around, thanks to the dedication and expertise of Call2Print – a true hero in the world of printing services, Sarah said.