Case Study: Seamless Brand Presence at an International Conference

In the bustling world of international business, every opportunity to make a lasting impression matters.


This was a case when we received an email from a prestigious company in Europe, who were gearing up to attend a significant business conference in Shanghai. Their request was clear: to ensure their brand presence was not only noticed but also remembered and the whole work need to be done in 3 days from nothing.

Client's Objective:

The client's primary goal was to establish a captivating brand presence at the conference, one that would resonate with attendees and leave an indelible mark. They sought our expertise to create a cohesive set of promotional materials that would not only showcase their offerings but also reflect their professionalism and commitment to excellence.


With a tight timeline and a need for high-quality, customized materials, the challenge lay in orchestrating a seamless process from concept to delivery. Additionally, the conference's strategic location – the Hilton hotel – posed a logistical challenge that required precise planning for timely delivery.

Our Approach:

Our team at Call2Print sprang into action, combining our design prowess and printing expertise to craft a comprehensive solution that aligned with the client's vision. We embarked on a collaborative journey, ensuring every aspect met their exact specifications while reflecting their brand identity.

Customized Business Brochures:

We started by meticulously reviewing the attached business brochure file. Understanding the client's offerings and target audience allowed us to design and print brochures that were not only visually appealing but also informative. The sleek design and high-quality printing ensured that these brochures would effectively convey the client's message.

Eye-Catching Roller Banners:

The next challenge was the creation of two roller banners that would be strategically placed to capture attention. Our design team crafted banners that harmonized with the brochures, showcasing key information in a dynamic and engaging manner. The high-resolution printing brought their brand imagery to life, making these banners unmissable in the conference's bustling atmosphere.

Professional Table Cloth and Name Cards:

A crucial component of the client's branding strategy was a branded table cloth that exuded professionalism and drew visitors to their booth. Additionally, we produced four boxes of name cards that maintained a consistent look with the other materials. The attention to detail in both design and execution ensured that the client's booth stood out among the rest.

Innovative Gift Items:

To further enhance the brand experience, we suggested and produced customized gift items that conference attendees would treasure. These items not only showcased creativity but also left a lasting positive impression on recipients, reinforcing the client's commitment to excellence.

Logistics and Timely Delivery:

The logistical challenge of delivering the materials to the Hilton hotel before lunchtime was met with meticulous planning. Our team coordinated every step, from production to delivery, ensuring that the client's materials were ready and waiting when they arrived.


The client's objectives were not only met but exceeded. Their booth at the conference emanated a cohesive and professional brand image, capturing the attention of attendees and creating a buzz. Our comprehensive solution showcased the seamless integration of design, printing, and logistics, leaving the client fully satisfied and confident in their brand presence.


This case study showcases how Call2Print transformed a simple email inquiry into a successful and memorable brand presence at an international conference. With strategic planning, creative design, high-quality printing, and impeccable execution, we demonstrated our commitment to helping clients shine in the global business arena.