C1S White Cardboard Post Cards Printing Gift Pack for Walt Disney Company

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Call2Print manufactures custom printed post cards and greeting cards to direct clients or wholesalers all over the world. Post cards are great for your business becase I can see or may say I can tell is post cards are Cost-Effective, extremely personal, high readership, easy to track and easy to work with other marketing tools, and the most key reason is it is quite simple and it works. These post cards are printed on 315gsm C1S White Cardboard paper with double CMYK offset printing plus 1-side matt varnish to have a better protect but without any notice. The front text we have silver hot foil and embossing, and to identify if the printer who does the good job or so so job, to check whether the foil matches the embossing part. We did a great job, 100% match for each single pocket folder. Call2Print can make your own cards and folders in few days, you can also request a free sample pack by calling +86 1351212 7905 or emailing callus@call2print.com

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